October 2014

Sunday, the 12th

some things take up more time than you knew you had.

but I'm not here to talk about that. among other things at work, I've been playing with wrapping useful code in python. no, I don't believe useful code can be written in pure python, and the method I chose was to wrap C code in python.

the result of this work is available on github, and it is far from mature. however, it does everything I need it to do, and I'd like it to do what other people need as well. this is sort of a problem with physicists who do "programming". we do stuff the quick and dirty way, come what may, because we don't really do "code maintainability" and whatever it is that computer scientists think is important. well, I know I have this problem, and knowing it is the first step to dealing with it, right?

in any case, the JHU turbulence database is an interesting resource, and I'd like to think that having a python package for it will make it easier for more people to play with it. at least, now that the code is out into the open, I can hear about problems that future users may have.

it's also on pypi, so in theory one could "pip install pyJHTDB" and it would just work. but it doesn't do that the way I would like it to. so, lucky me, I still have stuff to do.

Saturday, the 25th

like I always say. if you have to do something, just do it already.