February 2013

Friday, the 22nd

today I found out about verbments, a very cool LaTeX package. already used it a bit. even cooler, I found out about pygments, yet another useful python thingie.

Saturday, the 23rd

I just wrote a python script to generate the clog from a bunch of separate files. I guess I'll give some details at some point... Not today though. And anyway, it's gonna take a while before I update the website.

in any case, I decided I'm an asocial nerd, so I modified the css file to only use Gentium, Linux Libertine and Linux Biolinum. I may have some issues.

Sunday, the 24th

I just compiled the syntek webcam drivers again, because I have to do it everytime the kernel gets updated. I love the guys at ubuntu-fr, and I really don't like the guys over at ubuntu, who don't want to put this driver in their repositories in the first place.

In other news, I thought about actually uploading the new version of my website, and I learned here about lftp. very nice tool, very useful, and perfectly suitable for me to destroy the website with. I managed to erase the root folder, so my brother had to submit a restore request etc. remember not to use "--delete" options unless you know exactly what you're doing.

Monday, the 25th

today, while working on turbo, I realized it's time I start using a proper versioning system. after browsing around for a bit, I decided on using Linus's stupid content tracker. and then I found this blog entry on setting up sshfs very useful. because I can't simply rely on various computing clusters to have git installed, so I have to use ssh properly.

in other news, I found out that you can actually embed fonts in websites now, so I'm trying this out as well. hopefully I won't break anything.

Wednesday, the 27th

our paper on synchronization of chaos in turbulence was accepted. which is extremely cool. my ego is having problems with me not coming up with the idea, but I did manage to do the study in a reasonably efficient way. so my ego's gonna have to live with it.

I had to make a custom (as in heavily modified) version of TURBO for this. which means now I have to figure out what I can send back to the ULB group, since they're not gonna need all my changes. and I'm gonna need even more changes for the next article...

thus my decision to start using git. now that a couple of days have passed, I'm a bit more comfortable with it. I put all my python libraries in the repository, and all of my scripts as well. I guess this is another difference between physicists and mathematicians: I only start doing things the right way when I can't possibly do it otherwise... (i.e. ``kids, start using git (or something like it) the first time you hear about it, not later'')

and since I'm on the topic of published papers, the second JCP article we wrote while I was in Brussels still isn't published, I have no idea why. Anyway, I have to get back to work.