November 2011

Thursday, the 3rd


a lot of stuff took place, but not much has happened.

new boss, new city, new house, new timezone. new project, new university, new bike.

true, the bike is new for me. I bought it old, but it's a new thing. with the old bike I just went out riding. this one I use to get to school. it's kind of fun, actually.

various things are happening all around. it's particularly exciting that they don't know why it seems the neutrinos were faster than light. it's probably a mistake, but making a mistake with that particular combination of machines is kind of interesting. and it is typical in today's research. stuff is too complicated for just one person.

I tried to realize how much I can think about at a specific point in time, and I can't really do it. maybe I got addicted to having a piece of paper or a screen in front of me.

I saw a UFO a few months ago. it kept being a UFO for a couple of minutes, until I realized it was a blimp. I think that's the right word. anyway, it's annoying, when you know that something does have a down to earth explanation, but you just don't know it yet. Like the clouds in this video have a relatively simple explanation.

I gotta go to school. end of transmission.