I placed here some work-related projects/texts. Some might find them useful. A better name for this stuff is probably pre-work.

At the moment all the programs posted are written in C++ and python, just by me (but the algorithms come from a variety of sources. by the way, when they start patenting numerical methods, I'll give up science).

For a while I used maxima (with the wxmaxima interface) for symbolic computations; but I've discovered sympy, and I love it. Maxima was great as a beginning, but I found it easier to move to scipy and sympy.
I warmly recommend vim for any kind of editing. I used kile for my batchelor thesis and I think for my master thesis as well, but that was a long time ago; today I do all my editing (including this website) in vim.
I also recommend gnuplot, which I use in my work, and for most figures in my articles/reports. I am however beginning to think seriously about moving completely to matplotlib; since it's fully integrated with numpy, it's a lot easier to use than gnuplot at times.
I also used paraview and even blender for visualisation of data. Right now, if I want cool stuff, I just use the Python wrapper for vtk, or mayavi2, since I feel that graphical user interfaces tend to complicate things needlessly. Well, for the tiny things I need they are a needless complication, but that's because I'm a physicist, and my needs are simple from the start.

copyright and contact

If you want to use anything that you find on this site, and there is no explicit copyright information for the particular item, then there are two possibilities:

  • The GNU General Public Licence is implied for all forms of usable code/algorithm that I posted (can I licence an algorithm? I know some can be patented, so I'll just make sure). I'll do my best to put this explicitely in the code sources.
  • The Creative Commons licence is implied for everything else.

You can contact me by e-mail to ask about work or play: chichilalescu, server gmail.com.